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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I watch people
with their little quirks
and realise
that´s what I love
about them
how nice to be
with who you are.


So I sit and think about
all that has passed
and wonder
does life get any better?
laughter shared
new friends
breath-taking scenery
what does it all mean to me?
so I wonder how long
will it be
before I see
the place I´m meant to be
and what it means to me?


Like teardrops falling down my cheeks
the rain rolls down the window
and reminds me
how sad I am about you
why do I do what I do
I should just keep it all inside
then maybe it would be alright.


And as I write
the tension eases
and more knots are created
in other parts of me
maybe one day
it´ll all massage away
hopefully not
writing is a big part of me
who knows
if I do it successfully.


So I take a deep breath
and think about
how far I´ve come
how dumb
to pour out my heart
when I knew
what you´d do
but I had to try
because sometimes
life´s too short
not to say
what you feel
and who knows
I feel a change in me
I´m moving on again
swaying like a palm tree
back and forth
from who I am
and who I want to be
finding me
and how I need to be
to be with someone
and happy
with me.


How many notebooks
do you think I would fill?
my heart was broken again?
a member of my family died?
a tragedy occurred?
my mind
wants to explode
but it´s usually
the bad stuff
and that´s depressing
my message to the world
will be
all the bad things
that have happened to me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What´s your type?

I grew up in a predominantly white area
but multi-culture surrounded me
I have never taken a white boy home
and my parents have never judged me
all they´ve ever done is welcome them
my love is their love
they just want to see me happy
whatever that person may be
but I guess you wouldn´t understand
if skin colour is all you see
a shame really
to block out a beautiful portion of the world
show animosity
purely on what you see.


I struggle with it everyday
what I want to be
and what I am
but I´m doing the best that I can
trying to be
and I´m getting there
everybody seems to think
it´s all sorted
but it´s not
and even though I know
how to move forward
I don´t
that I might end up
ten steps back
wounded again.


I like ungover mornings
when I´m still a little drunk
I write much better poetry


I have my life
I have my things
I have my thoughts
but it´s all me
won´t somebody
join me
in this solitude


listening to the songs my dad passed on to me
thinking about all I could be

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As I travel around the world and see
all of it´s beauty
a baby grows inside you
as I see
all of the wonderful things I see
you´re creating a reflection of you
and me
a perfect entity.

I hope it makes you happy
I know it will me
can´t wait to see
little toes
which parts of you
it will be
and of he
hope it doesn´t have a temperament like me.


When you cry down the phone for the umpteenth time
I will be here for you
when you say you can´t go on and want to die
I will be here for you
when you ask me to and it´s the most inconvenient time
I will be here for you
don´t ever think you are not on my mind
I am here for you
throughout everything you´ve been here for me
I´m always here for you
just to look at and pull faces
I´m here for you
when there is nothing else left
I´m here for you.


Taken from me so I thought
now I think I know
I hope you are much happier now
I hope your soul is free
I hope your spirit dances
and when it does
I hope you think of me.

Mistaken Men

Mistaken for a grown up
he was still only a child
for how could anyone cause such grief
unless they hadn´t learned
you´re brought up to respect people
you´re brought up to work not play
but how can you do all these things
and not be bad in any way
he must have had his reasons
and for that I will forgive
but never will I trust again
not as long as men like him live.

I wrote this when I was about 17 working in a factory - bored out of my brain!

Your mind could house a thousand dreams
your body could strive to achieve
your heart could break for a yearn so strong
but your soul would still believe.

Human Nature

Compelled to help
but still consumed
by my own selfish needs
whatever you call them
stop me being
a saint
shame really
to be torn both ways
is this the definition
of human nature?

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is my home

This is my home
this land of earth and sky
where everyone fights each other
and I can´t understand why

this is my home
this land of rich and poor
where some people have less
and a lot have more
and I can´t understand why

this is my home
this land of black and white
where we all look so beautifully different
and it causes us to fight
and I can´t understand why

this is my home
this land of you and me
how our lives and paths
cross iunfinitely
and I can´t understand why

this is my home
and it will alaways be
a place of confusion
and controversy
and I can´t understand why.

I wish

I wish
I didn´t have to try
nobody would die

I wish
you could see
all the love in me
spread it evenly
fill with glee

I wish
my family were
financially secure
maybe even a little more
stupid money

I wish
my sister had a baby
maybe two or three
to make her so happy
content she would be

I wish
someone would love me
see me
want to be with me
it will all be
happy ever after.

Turning 29

Now I´m nearly 30
that pioneering age
when I should know
where I´m going with my life
should I be a wife?
how is it that I´m not in love
with someone loving me back
am I not meant for that?
as I watch everybody growing older
changing in various ways
as I walk around with a different perspective
more relaxed these days
I´d still like a bit more money
but I´m not that motivated to save
I´d love to have a baby
but then I´d have to stay in one place
I´d like to be an uber-me
no more sickness, just health
It´d be great to see the world around
more consciously change into something else
reusing instead of wasting
loving instead of hating
sharing and giving to everyone living
it is our planet after all.

Random Thoughts

I can´t understand all the hate in the world
I can´t understand all the greed
I can´t understand what made us this way
and why we have to succeed
I can´t understand how you don´t notice me
when I´m clearly in love with you
I can´t understand why I just won´t say
or what´ll happen if I do
I can´t understand why people don´t get
what they´ve longed for, for such a long time
I can´t understand all these random thoughts
running around in my mind.

When it happens )inspired by W H Auden ´Tell me the truth about love´

When it happens will I know
will it feel like a teenage crush
when it happens will I know
will I want to stay up talking all night
or have nothing to say
when it happens will I know
will it walk in the door one day
and say ¨hey¨
when it happens will I know
how to handle my emotions
will I over think any problems
and misread the situation
when it happens will I know
if the other person feels it too
that sense of me and you
will it be there?
when love happens?


So I sit down to write a poem,
and nothing inspires me,
then suddenly...

So I stand up to teach
and everything I say
sounds boring and unworthy
then suddenly...

So I laze on my sofa
and the world around depresses me
then suddenly...

So I gaze out of the window
and then...

suddenly the inspiration is gone again.

When I die

When I die
I want heaven to be
an endless beach
with turquoise sea
a light cool breeze
and a shady palm tree
with a bamboo lounger
just for me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More poetry

I feel obliged to help
even though
most of the time
I can put them to the back of my mind

I feel obliged to be there
even though
most of the time
I´m not

I feel obliged to call
even though
most of the time
it´s not the right time of day

I feel obliged to say
it doesn´t feel like an obligation at all
what is love anyway

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Aniversary Big Sis!

My sister and brother in law were married on the 10th September 2005 and although I´m a little late in wishing them happy aniversary, it´s better late than never! Here is the poem I wrote for their wedding day and read in church:

My sister,
My best friend,
The person I share my childhood memories with,
The one who makes me laugh,
And cry,
The one I can talk to for hours.
Sisterly love is a wonderful thing,
But we live three hundred miles apart.
When Sallianne met Tom she was so happy,
And all the jigsaw pieces seem to fit,
They love and laugh with each other,
Support and cherish one another,
Have learnt to compromise,
Built a house together,
And today are declaring to the world that they will be together forever,
I’m so glad they found each other,
I can’t imagine them being apart,
I want to see them grow old together,
Like our parents and grandparents have,
Family is the most important thing,
It makes us what we are,
We learn all our values from our family,
And most of all,
We learn to love.
Through this marriage I get extended family,
Increasing my love and support.
I wanted to stand here today, and say,
How happy I am for you both,
My sister and new brother,
I wish you a long and prosperous life together,
May you never grow tired of each other,
May we always be as close to one another,
May I be an aunty to your children,
And may you never forget the love,
Shared here today and everyday,
By all of the people who care so much about you,
The only love we keep is that which we share with others,
Thank you for your love.

A little bit of poetry

If I could inspire one child
to do some good in the world

If I could make them aware
of how their actions affect others

If I could get them to believe in themselves
no matter how many people put them down

If I could walk around and see
their ways as a reflection of me

If I could change their minds
about how to live in this throw away society
be more green!

If I could alter their view of the system
allow them to realise
it´s all about playing the game

If I could give their parents an insight
show them how beautiful and bright their children are

If I could blend
respect, passion and pride
into each and every one

If I could make a difference
then I´d feel like
a someone.


My first blog, finally I´ve taken the plunge and decided to share the contents of my head with the world! Who know´s where it might lead - maybe nowhere but that´s ok. You can expect to find out all about my opinions of the world through my poetry, pictures and blogs. Enjoy!